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Stacey's Fishing Club

New Covid Match Rules

Anyone displaying symptoms of Covid-19 or sharing a household with someone with those symptoms must not attend any match on Stacey's Lakes.

These rules came into effect on Sunday 28th June 2020 and will remain until further notice

1. Each Club's match organiser will be responsible for their members adherence to these rules while fishing a match on Stacey's Lakes.
2. The Club match organiser will open the gates on arrival, and close them again after the match has finished.
3. When parking, anglers are expected to leave suitable space (a minimum of 2 metres) in between cars.
4. All swims can now be used in the match, as long as they are at least 5 metres apart.
5. When walking to or from their swim, every angler must, wherever possible, take care to maintain the 2 metre social distance from other anglers.
6. Whilst talking to other anglers is permitted, please always remain at least 2 metres away, and please minimise unnecessary movement around the lake at all times.
Anglers must not share any items of tackle or bait whilst on the fishery, or help any other member unless it is essential, and then they must wear a mask and utilise hand sanitiser.
7. NETS - All keepnets and landing nets must be laid out on the bank to dry while setting-up and must only be put in the water 15 minutes before the match starts. For your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of the scales person there will now be a maximum of 40 lb per keepnet.
A minimum of 3 keepnets must be used on all matches:
         One for small silvers up to 3lb
         One for bream over 3lb, but please use multiple nets for big catches and adhere to the 40lb net limit.
         One for carp
8. Barbless hooks only.
9. No boilies, bloodworm or joker to be used.

CLEANLINESS *** Protect yourself ***
1. All anglers are encouraged to bring and use disposable gloves and anti-bacterial hand sanitiser for use when coming into contact with any surfaces that other anglers may have touched.
2. As the cleanliness of the toilet facilities can't be regularly monitored, if you decide to use them please wipe all surfaces before and after use.
3. Anglers must take all litter home, and please don't throw unused bait in the lake at the end of your fishing session.

RULE BREAKING *** Protect our club and your fishing ***
1. Anglers not adhering to these rules will be reported to Keith Brown who will investigate, and if proven guilty it could result in the loss of your permit.
2. These additional match rules are subject to change in accordance with the latest Government instructions, or if Keith finds it necessary to review where things are not working effectively and/or safely.

Please help our club to keep our venues open by abiding by these mandatory rules, which are driven by Government guidance for all our safety. As always, my primary aim is to keep our members and visitors safe, so please adhere to these rules.

Keith Brown, Club Secretary.

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