New Barlows
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Whitehouse Farm

This well established lake is situated next to Tadley Market containing a good head of decent sized carp and bream, along with some tench, roach and perch. The code to open the padlock onto the island is the same as the code you use for the main gate onto the lake as notified in your permit. Please make sure you lock the island gate when leaving after fishing.

All cars are to be parked either in the car park inside the gate, or in the main car park which is also used for the market on Sundays.

Soke Road

This venue consists of three small interconnected lakes holding a good head of mixed fish of all sizes.

On leaving the car park Lake 1 is on your right and is slightly deeper than the others.  This is the one to try if you are looking for bream and skimmers. Lake 1 however does also hold many carp into double figures. Lake 2 is on your left when leaving the car park, with Lake 3 further along after Lake 2. On Lakes 2 and 3 the target is primarily carp, although there are also bream, roach and perch to be caught.

At Soke Road all cars are to be parked in the car parking area and must not be driven beyond the bottom of the slope under any circumstances.

Barlows Lakes

New Barlows is the lake situated in front of the Mobile Home park, and is significantly deeper than our other waters, so please take care. New Barlows contains a good head of mixed fish, with double figure carp, big bream and rapidly growing barbel as the main targets, although there are also chub, skimmers, roach, perch and ide present.

Old Barlows is a "Mr Crabtree" lake with beautiful lily beds providing attractive features in the Summer, and swims that are significantly shallower than the New lake. Whilst it also produces plenty of fish, it can sometimes switch off when there are a lot of anglers on the bank, so probably more suited to pleasure sessions than match fishing. Two thousand small F1s were put into the lake in Spring of 2021, which should result in more bites this Summer.

Old Barlows 2021 Please note that the disabled swims in front of the car park may be reserved from time to time, so please keep an eye out for the signs.

The barbeque area by the car park is available for all members to use, but please make sure to leave it clean and tidy after use.

Please remember that any unauthorised movement of fish to, from, or between our lakes will result in a lifetime ban from the club.

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