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Stacey's Fishing Club

General Rules for Members

  1. All members, anglers and visitors entering club waters do so at their own risk.
2. All members must be fully conversant with the rules of the club and the rules of each venue.
3. All members must be in possession of a current Environment Agency coarse fishing licence.
4. All members must carry their permit and current rule book with them when fishing club waters.
5. All members are Bailiffs, and should uphold the club rules.
6. Any member found breaking any club rules should be reported to the club secretary. If found to be guilty it could result in loss of permit.
7. When taking out a membership, it is with the understanding that any venue might be closed during the season for matches or working parties.
8. Guest tickets are allowed on all club waters, and must be purchased before fishing from the club secretary. Guest tickets are restricted to 2 per member per day. Members are responsible for their guests.
9. No transferring fish from any lake unless authorised by the club secretary.


Rules for All Venues

  1. All Club General rules apply.
2. Barbless hooks only to be used.
3. Both keep nets and landing nets should be dipped in the dip tanks before use, if dip tanks have been provided.
4. When pleasure fishing the main entrance gate should be kept locked at all times, and cars must be parked in the car park. On match days the gates can be left open, but must be locked when the last person leaves.
5. No litter whatsoever should be left on the bank or thrown in the water. Any member seeing another member leaving litter or discarding tackle should confront the member and report that member to the club secretary.
6. Only numbered swims should be fished, no cutting of new swims, trees or shrubs.
7. No boilies, bloodworm or joker to be used on club venues.
8. No lighting of fires.
9. No fishing if the venue has been closed for a match.
10. No removal from the venue of any fish.
11. No transferring of fish from one lake to another unless authorised by the club secretary.
12. No swimming at any time.
13. All members must check that other fishermen on the venue are members, or have guest tickets.
14. Night fishing is only allowed by special arrangement with the club secretary on WHITEHOUSE and SOKE ROAD ONLY.
15. No braided line or braided tackle of any kind to be used on any of our club venues.
16. The water craft (boats) on the lakes should only be used on working parties and to retrieve lost tackle. When retrieving lost tackle please respect the rights of other members.

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